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ALI4ESC BRAND PROTECTION, the new all-in-one service made by RFIDSistemi

logo_rfid_sistemi_piccolaRFIDSistemi S.r.l., our operative partner, has developed Ali4Esc Brand Protection, a service for the producer who wants to innovate his products and in the same time protect them and his brand too. This application has as final users the costumers and with the app they are able to talk with producer’s goods. The service integrates the usuals informations posted on a product label with interactive and multimedia ones.
These new informations are reachable by reading an RFID tag or a QRCode, are translated in the most spoked languages and has 3 different level of security:


are general informations about the product. accedendo al sito www.ali4esc.com è possibile visionare le informazioni di prodotto.


are informations at serial number level. A precise product (the number XXXXX) contain different target informations than the same article of the same producer. (for example into wine production, i could have in front of me two bottles of Morellino di Scansano, but if I read target informations of each one I could find differences like year of production, from where grapes come from for those productions, or everything the producer are going to share with me to increase the inner product value.)


this informations are reachable only by reading the RFID tag. With these technology, the producer could share to his costumers reserved informations about that product, ensuring its originality and its certifications.
The aims of this services are to help producers to protect his goods and his brand from counterfeiting and gray markets and to share information about his work, his territory, his business idea or about everything could help to improve the value and bring popularity at his products .

This app isn’t only a protection tool from counterfeit or gray market, it could be an important marketing and advertising partner. One of that could speaks different languages and could involve the costumers into multimediand interactive actions useful to  promote the business.

The producer could put the RFID and QRCode attached to the existing label or put on the product a guarantee seal with both the identification technologies.In both the situations, Ali4Esc Brand Protection aren’t going to be a grave for the production lines.

With entry-level configuration, the producer just has to attach the seal to his product, link the seal serial number to the product serial number and finally linking the informations. Every single one of these three operations could be automated.

When the product is ready, the producer let the costumer to read informations by smartphone, PC or tablet.

This is a 24/7 service.

For costumers this is an important serivces that let them know and love more a product than other.


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