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RFID: different approaches to fight against counterfeiting

contraffazione_vs_RFIDProtect the brands is a very closely related subject.

I think that RFID technology, at the moment, it’s the best tool to protect its brand.

Radio frequencies lets identify and track tags attached to objects. If you read a counterfeit tag the system is able to recognize the false instantly.

A RFID system is composed of tags, readers and a middleware. So if you want to protect your products wich kind of tags do you need? Almost for everybody, two are the possibilities: UHF passive tag and NFC tag.

RFID technology vs Gray Market

mercato_grigio_vs_RFIDThis is the definition of gray market that anybody can find in Wikipedia: A grey market (sometimes called a parallel market,[1] but this can also mean other things;[2] not to be confused with ablack market or a grey economy) is the trade of a commodity through distribution channels that are legal but unintended by the original manufacturer.
The most common type of grey market is the sale, by individuals or small companies not authorised by the manufacturer, of imported goods which would otherwise be either more expensive or unavailable in the country to which they are being imported.

Today the unofficial sales have reached high volumes and start to be a very important

ALI4ESC BRAND PROTECTION, the new all-in-one service made by RFIDSistemi

logo_rfid_sistemi_piccolaRFIDSistemi S.r.l., our operative partner, has developed Ali4Esc Brand Protection, a service for the producer who wants to innovate his products and in the same time protect them and his brand too. This application has as final users the costumers and with the app they are able to talk with producer’s goods. The service integrates the usuals informations posted on a product label with interactive and multimedia ones.
These new informations are reachable by reading an RFID tag or a QRCode, are translated in the most spoked languages and has 3 different level of security:


TG Televenezia

TG Televenezia

RFId Soluzioni in press conference
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TG Tele Nordest

The Tele Northeast News report on the press conference of RFId Soluzioni
TeleRegione 7 - Intervista

TeleRegione 7 - Intervista

The communications company Asterisk interview Mr. Ferruccio Ferrari


Datasheets, white papers and technical descriptions about RFId World.

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RFId Soluzioni nasce con l'obiettivo di fornire cultura su questo affascinante mondo. Se desiderate sviluppare un sistema RFId o capire se la vostra richiesta e' fattibile, troverete qui le informazioni necessarie al vostro caso