How attach properly your RFID Tag?


Attach properly your RFID tags to different surface types, it’s very important to improve the efficiency of your RFID implementation.  

Now I explain you five common ways to to affix RFID tags to assets:

Film Adhesive

Used mostly for label tags tracking fixed IT assets or packaging boxes.

Foam Adhesive

Typically used to  tracking fixed durable assets in industrial applications where a stronger adhesive method is required.


Used to fix strongly and cover embedded tags. Personally I used this way to tracking tools, bike frame and pipes.

RFID UHF Class 1 Gen 2 and new G2V2 security features

23-11-2016_uhf_security_featuresRFID technology’s main properties are remote identify and track tags attached to objects and informations exchange.

Today we will talk about the security measures we can use to protect the data within an UHF RFID passive transponder. This standard is the most used kind of radio frequency in logistic and industrial applications for its ability to read multiple tags at far distance. And also you will talk about the new chip standard …

Today the  UHF RFID transponders are Class 1 Gen 2. This kind of tag was release of 12 years ago in order to create to unify tag and hardware manufacturers under one global standard for a better interoperability. The previous version named Class 1 Gen 1 contained virtually no security features because at the time security measures were


TG Televenezia

TG Televenezia

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TG Tele Nordest

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TeleRegione 7 - Intervista

The communications company Asterisk interview Mr. Ferruccio Ferrari


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