How could RFID strengthen your brand?


Branding is the process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumers’ mind, mainly through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme. Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers. 

This article wouldn’t be a lesson on marketing fundamentals, but I will explain how a RFID solution could strengthen a brand whether it belongs to B2B(Business-to-business) or B2C(Business-to-costumer) market.

How I told before, RFID technology could become an useful tool to hold up marketing actions.

Let’s talk about how a label could do this. RFID technology, pretty rudimentary speaking, could be used to tracking and tracing objects or persons, could be used to protect brands by counterfeiting and protect owns markets by grey ones or could be used to let owns products talk to consumers, ensure the originality of the good, and follow him after the buying.

In these years, the number of firms turned into RFID systems to achieve the just mentioned advantages.

Strengthen a brand not mean only graphics and brochures but mean be there when the consumer want your product, satisfy your consumers needs, mean be heard as something most special then competitors. Apart from graphics aspects, RFID is helpful to enhance efficiency into supply chain processes.


Here follows a simple description of all three different possible ways, talking about hardware, to strengthen own brand:

1. RFID UHF long range and NFC in an unique solution

Integrate two differents RFID standard into the same application could be the easiest way to reach it. The two RFID technologies are:

  • RFID UHF tag to track products among the entire supply chain. To read this kind of tag are necessary readers and antennas working with the same standard. UHF technology enable multiples reads at several meter distance.
  • RFID NFC tag to let consumer talk with products using their smartphones. The reads has to be near field, this mean that the smartphone quite has to touch tag to read it. 

2. Vicinity RFID HF tag

In 2015 NFCForum, who provides a highly stable framework for extensive application development, seamless interoperable solutions, and security for NFC-enabled transactions, release the guide line for a new technology named Type-V. This new support will enable smartphones to read tag HF ISO15693 and will speed up comunications between tag and mobile devices. The main advantage of this new support will be that with only one tag will be possible do tracking and in the same time enable the tag to talk to the consumers through their smartphones.

3. Proximity RFID HF/NFC tag 

Since few years, on the market, there are tags that support two different standard: ISO15693 ansd ISO14443 (standard readable by smartphones). So this tags could be read by readers and antennas HF and by smartphones but the performance are very low and these aren’t able to be used to track.

Now you know which are the possible hardware’s solutions. Next step is choose the right software pplatform that enable to do all this. An example is the platform ALI4ESC with the service BRANDPROTECTION  activated.

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