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How a big firm uses NFC attached to his products

07.02.2017_adidas_NFCI wrote many articles about NFC applications to extend manufacturer’s services to the consumer even after product’s been sold. 

As RFIDSOLUZIONI and RFIDSISTEMI we have done many application using NFC tag attached to products. We had a software platform used in applications like Murano’s glasses or granite’s fornitures.

Last November Adidas announced the use of NFC technology attached to his limited edition soccer jerseys.  

Through NFC tag the brand gets a new communication channel to engage with customers directly. Each single physical product gets uniquely identifyable thanks to the unique serial number that each tag has memorized. Filling and matching these infos into a software platform enable to tracking and tracing the good from birth even after the sale.

This allows the costumer to read the tag easily with a smartphone, trace & identify the product through the supply chain (e.g. at customs, in retail – could be used for grey market control) and authenticity check at the consumer level as part of the product experience. 

Using this new communication tool the brand gets valuable insights how the consumers interact with the product, how often, how deep the interaction with the webpage was, the approximate location where the interaction took place, anonymous user profiling etc. – It’s like using Google Analytics for owns physical products. These informations could help the manufacturing too. More infos means more control. NFC could shoot down stockout rate too.

For anyone wants learn more about NFC technology, or about our app ALI4ESC Brand Protection, please contact info@rfid-sistemi.biz.


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