RFID technology in food supply chain


The RFID technology  into apparel supply chains is now an important part. Many big names of this sector have implemented the technology to increase efficiency, fight counterfeiting and tracking goods.

The same purposes could be searched into the food supply chains.

Nowadays more than yesterday food markets look very similars to apparel markets. It’s possible to find differents prices for same products, from populars to high level. We have brands in trouble with counterfeiting and grey markets, like famous fashion’s firms. Some food distributors manage a lot of items and for them an inventory means time, stop the lines, resources and onbviously money. These problems are the same fought with RFID by some apparel’s brand.

In food markets, like in fashion, there are societies that budget every year a lot of money and resources to work on his image and reach visibility due to the adoption  of an innovate technology it’s important too.

Let me say this, in a way the food perishing problem is similar with the seasonality of a fashion product. Yeas I know, days are not months but if an apparel firm doesn’t sell in time his products, it’s a big problem.  So it’s very important know the timing of a product, could track this information, could reach those easily and quickly, maybe with automations.

So, for all of these problems, RFID has an answer. It’s the technology that let you increase to high levels the efficiency of all the processes that compose a food supply chain, could reduce the inventory time from days to hours, could track the product along from the birth to the shelf, could implement stations of automated identification, reduce to zero human errors and it’s a technology that could really fight counterfeit and oet you identify originals products from others in a second.

We made test for reads with food products, like wine, oil and beaf. We know that the technology works.

Clearly to reach the advantages at top level the only way is always be smart and opened during the project study.


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