RFID technology into agro-food’s supply chain

Filiera_agroalimentareRFID technology is an useful tool for who want to innovate business, increasing products tracking into extended supply chains and protecting own brand from counterfeiting and grey markets. An important characteristic of radio frequencies technology is its applicability in many different supply chains.

In this article I would like to share what RFID can do into an agro-food supply chain. In questo articolo daremo un’idea di quello che la tecnologia a radio frequenze può fare all’interno della filiera agroalimentare.

For first step I will explain the differences between two differents kind of agro-food supply chain:

  • the short one
  • the long one

Short agro-food supply chains are businesses where manufacturers sell directly to clients (B2C, business-to-client). The connection territory-client-product it’s necessary in this market, so it’s very important protect and enhance it.

The long agro-food supply chains are business where there are intermediaries between producers and clients (B2B, business-to-business). These supply chains hardly could create and enhance that connection like B2C markets. A big firm that works with GDOs usually sells many products under an unique brand, so for the client it’s difficult understand who produced what.

RFID systems are useful for both these differents supply chains.
In entrambi questi circuiti l’implementazione della tecnologia RFID è importante e utile.

It’s already known some RFID harden applications, like how some big firms in the GDO market use this technology to manage the purchasing processes of fruits and vegetables to increase the tracking system and offer always fresh products or using RFID tags in LF low frequency to track livestocks. An important new RFID application in this market is tracking products like cheese, wine, olive oil or meat since the production stage.

Using RFID let reach advantages like:

  • Increasing the efficiency of the supply chain’s processes (long or short, there are no differences)
  • Tracking throughout the value-added chain
  • Increasing security, accurance and speed of all logistic processes
  • Increasing personals or globals performances measurement
  • Invest into an innovative technology it’s a push in high for brand visibility

RFID technology however has proved his strenght and sustainability in these years. All that remains for completely achivement of all the advantages listed above, talking about the entire agro-food supply chain, is its  more widely application.

Increasing processes efficiency, protecting the brand and its market, reducing the wasted energies and moneys, another important characteristic that the RFID systems will let you achive is a convenient ROI on the investment.


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