RFID technology in a medical environment

16-12-2016_ospedaleIn every environment, one mistake could bring several conseguences. In medical’s an error could cost a lot to all parties involved: manufacturers, medical strutctures and patients.

RFID could be an useful technology to reduce mistakes tracking devices.

Unique ID

Embedding a durable passive RFID tag into medical tools or machineries let the system identify itself without errors or misunderstandings.Each device has an unique serial number.

Create automations

Using fixed antennas or mobile devices to identify the RFID transponders could create system automations into the supply chain.  If, for example, a warehouse’s access door has a RFID gate, when an employer pick from the shelf a device for a surgery, the system automatically refresh the quatities of that good into the warehouse database and eventually start alert comunication to the purchase office if the quantities are shorts. The system could also give alert information to the employer if the picked device does not match with the requirements for the surgery.

Location system

Every time an antenna read a tag, pass the information to the reader, who elaborate, manage it and memorize from which antenna the information came from. This is very useful to reduce the risk of devices being lost, misplaced, or hoarded by staff. Remember that losses are money.

Patient safety

Utilizing embedded RFID in a well-built asset tracking solution can bolster patient safety by ensuring sunset devices or instruments are never put into use. Some RFID technology allows medical devices to be tracked through autoclaves and central sterilizing departments, ultimately supporting hospitals’ infection control procedures.


RFID technology increase structure efficiency in logistics, security and patient safety.

As RFIDSOLUZIONI we have projected and developed a still operative RFID tracking sysytem into a laboratory test and we have projected a tracking system for the warehouse of a big italian hospital. This project isn’t developed yet.

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